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The armors used in the Iron Man Series is the Mark I,Mark II,Mark III,Mark IV,Mark V,and Mark VI.

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Iron Man's Armor

Mark I,Mark II,Mark III,Hulkbuster,Ultimate,Silver Centurion,Extermis,Classic,Classic Mark I

The armors used in Iron Man (game) is the ones used in Iron Man (film),Silver Centurion,Extermis,Classic Mark I,Classic Mark III,and Hulkbuster armors.The Hulkbuster armor appears again in Incredible Hulk (game) as a playable character if you have Iron Man save data on the Xbox 360.

Weapons Edit

The Mark I has a flamethrower and missiles as it's only weapons due to the low technolgy supplies in the Ten Rings hideout.When Stark made his Mark II armor,he added Repulsor Technolgy to his advanced armors.The weapons in his Mark III,the suit has Repulsor Rays,Unibeam,Gatling Guns,Pulse Rifles,Missile Launcher,Flares,and Rocket Launchers.In Incredible Hulk movie game,the S.I. Hulkbusters have the ability to make small repulsor explosions.When Glenn Talbot steals a black colored prototype,it is revealed that it is a nuclear version of the Repulsor.The War Machine Gun has a Gatlingun and missile launcher attached to the shoulders.The Mark III suit also grants the abilty to turn blue to create the stealth armor.All Iron Man suits grant Tony superhuman strength.

Stark Industries Use Edit

In Punisher (2005 game),the sentries protecting Stark Towers seem to wear all whit suits.The suits that are worn however are not bulletproof.They also have holsters to carry their weapons.The helmets make the wearer's voice robotic.In Increbible Hulk Movie Game,there are grey or white Hulkbuster armors that were made for the US Army to take down the Hulk.Glenn Talbot owns a black nuclear powered one in his barracks.All hulkbuster siuts (including Talbot's) can create small explosions.

Dark Iron Men Edit

In Iron Man 2 (film),Stark's rival,Justin Hammer creates an army of grey Iron Men with Whiplash that Iron Man and War Machine have to fight.