Kingpin 2

Film Edit

Kingpin appears in Daredevil (film) played by Micheal Clarke Duncan.He is the main antagonist of the film.He is responsible for the death of Daredevil's father.Fisk used to be an enforcer for mob boss Falon.Falon order him to kill Jack Murdock if he doesn't throw a fight.Years later,he became a mob boss and sucessfully hid his criminal activities.He hires Bulseye to kill Nikolas Natchios and frame him as the Kingpin.

Punisher GamesEdit

Fisk is featured in Punisher (2005 game) voiced by David Sobolov.The Punisher had suspected him of being allied with the Gnucci Family and the Russian Mercs.Following the defeat of Bullseye,Kingpin confronts Punisher and tells him that the real enemy is the Eternal Sun.He appears in the final cutscene waging war on the Punisher.

Spider-Man Games Edit

Kingpin (voiced by Bob Joles) appears in Spider-Man 3 (game).At the Courthouse press conference,he is photoghraphed by Peter with some Gang members.All the gangs rescued their respected bossess.Spider-Man broke into Fisk Penthouse to defeat all the gangs and Kigpin.Amplified by the agression of the Symbiote,Peter throws him out the window.There was no body found which means he could still be alive.He may have reappear in Spider-Man 4 (game) but it was annouced that there will be a reboot film/series.

Trivia Edit

In the Film,he is African American whereas in the comics he is Caucasian.

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