Mega Lizard

Spider-Man 2 Edit

Connors (played by Dylan Baker) is depicted as a Columbia University physics professor concerned for Peter's well-bieng and adcademic performance in Spider-Man 2 (film).Curt's friend Otto Octavius recalss Peter's name and tells him Connors' considers him "brilliant,but lazy".The Lizard was originally suposed to appear in Spider-Man 2 (game) and was used in promotional material before being removed.There was still hints that Lizard was going to appear in the game.The use of green in his lab,Doc Ock breaking his arm,and Lizard thugs used in the boss arena.The Hex Editor shows theres a skin called the Lizard.The Laizrd appears in the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance versions where in the cutscene,he resmbles his ultimate verion but in gameplay he resembles his Mainstream version.