Spider-Man 3 Edit

Venom appears in Spider-Man 3 (film) and Spider-Man 3 (game) played by Topher Grace.Eddie Brock was the new photographer at the Daily Bugle shortly before Peter gains the Black Suit.Eddie is publicly humiliated when it is revealed he faked the criminal photos of Spider-Man.He was fired fom his job and his girlfriend,Gwen Stacy broke up.After Peter gives up his symbiote at the Abandoned Church,Eddie bonds with it and becomes Venom.Venom blackmails Sandman to help him kill Spider-Man.They almost succeed if it wasn't from the intervention of the New Goblin.A few moments later,Venom kills New Goblin and then is killed when Peter tries to destroy the Symbiote with a Pumpkin Bomb.

Venom (2012) Edit

Venom will appear in his own movie in 2012 as a anti-hero.In here,he will deal with Carnage.He may marry Ann Weying (She-Venom) or get back together with Gewn Stacy.It is unknown if Topher Grace will reprise his role as Venom.

Game Exclusive Edit

Venom is an unlockable playable character in Spider-Man:Friend or Foe.

Trivia Edit

  • When he is blown up,if you look closely,you can see his skeleton in the fire.
  • If you look closely when he is blown up,You can also see the symbiote going down what seems to be a hole.This could means Eddie bonded and escaped.Or the symbiote escaped and Brock died.
  • The same type of bomb is used between the second New Goblin fight and Eddie's death.If you remember in Spider-Man (film),there are different types of bombs depending on the glow.Harry didn't die when Peter threw a bomb at him,so it's possible that Eddie is alive.

Relationships Edit


New Goblin-Enemy

Green Goblin-Associate


Doctor Octopus-Associate



Gwen Stacy-Ex-Lover